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Planning for a new baby can be difficult. I remember when I was planning for my babies… I have two… And I thought by the time the second one arrived, I would know exactly what to do at pretty much all times. Nope. Not only did I sometimes have no idea what I was supposed to do, but I was quickly reminded of how demanding newborns were. I’d forgotten what it was like to be a milk machine. My husband and I were sleep deprived. This little newborn slept so much of the day and was up so much of the night that I began wishing I could just sleep— and I’d forgotten how quickly the newborn stage passes.

As I’ve begun to photograph more newborns and talk to more new parents, I’ve learned that a lot of moms have a difficult time in the beginning and many of them intent on having newborn pictures taken, but once the time comes they’re just too tired to organize it all. I’m not really down with that… So I’ve created a Newborn Magazine PDF to help guide you. It’s full of professional (and not so professional) advice and tons of photos for your inspiration. Inside is everything from inspiration for surviving the newborn days, to nursing tips and when and how to best prepare for your newborn’s first photo session. Newborn days are sometimes hard, but they’re magically special. This is an experience, and I’m here to help you enjoy it.

In your life, you have few defining moments, which deserve a pause. This is one of them. After the hustle of planning with your family for a baby and the bustle of the days once your baby is here, you’re left with memories. But eventually those fade. Slowing down to breathe, pausing to enjoy, and documenting your family’s story with quality photography is a precious gift you deserve.

Sure, you want a newborn photographer. But you want more than just images. You want to recall more than just facts from your newborn. You want to relive your emotions. You want to see the almost invisible details around you before they grow a second longer and flicker away. You want to be able to pause some day with your loved ones and share these moments with them. Having a baby is one of your family’s few defining moments, and you have so much to celebrate. I invite you to browse my website and send me a note; I might be the right person to help you tell your story.