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You Need A Wedding Photographer

Who can help you relax...

Everyone has seen the photographer who dictates and forces and poses and directs. 

That's so not me.

Breathing, relaxing, and taking in the moment is how I photograph. Yes- we'll pose, but I really pay attention to your subtle love language and sweet smiles. I capture your feelings. Your love. The beginning of your marriage.

I believe in laughter... I bring jokes, and I'm not afraid to tell them. Because I know you photograph best when you're relaxed and happy.
I believe in relationships, so I relentlessly get to know you. I believe it's easier to laugh when you know the person behind the camera cares about you. (I care about your Wedding Day.)

My goal is to figure out your visions and bring them to life for you. I work hard to help you bring your Wedding Day together, and I make sure to help you relax. After all, creating beautiful memories of your Wedding Day is my top priority. 


Meet Rocheal



The Photographer

Hey there! I'm Rocheal-- The person behind the camera.

When I'm not behind my camera, I'm a wife, mom, homeschool teacher, and animal lover.

I love Jesus. I might be a hippy. I believe in working hard every day to find the beauty in life. I think honesty is the best policy. I feel like meditation heals the mind. Neuroplasticity fascinates me.

My photography style is unique. I really like capturing raw emotion-- that's my strength. But I also like dramatic poses, playing with light, and experimenting with reflections and unique composition. (That's why weddings are my bomb diggity. I get raw emotion. I get poses. I get night-time, which lets me play with light... SO FUN!)


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Some photos of my husband (Will), my kids (Kellen is 11 and William is one and a half), and my animals (MeatBall, 6, was found in the middle of the road & FurryCat, 20, was abandoned inside of a pet store).


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