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I relentlessly get to know my brides. As your wedding photographer, I love to figure out your visions, and I make it my priority to bring them to life for you. 
As soon as you book, our relationship begins; I work hard behind the scenes to plan your wedding day so you can rest and enjoy your Special Day.


Meet Rocheal



Meet Rocheal

Outside of my business I'm a wife, mom, homeschool teacher, and animal lover.

Some people call me a hippy.

I love Jesus. I believe in working hard every day to find the beauty in life. I think honesty is the best policy. I feel like meditation heals the mind. neuroplasticity fascinates me.

I want more love, and less hate. I appreciate uniqueness. I see hope for our future.

I love my job.

My photography style is unique. I like capturing raw emotion and real stuff as it happens, but I'm not afraid to pose people. My lighting preference is natural sunlight, but I also love playing with my flashes and will break them out when natural light isn't available.
My editing skills are pretty sick... Other professional photographers in the area pay me to edit their photos. I love teaching others, so hit me up if you want to learn how to use your camera or your editing software!


Some photos of my husband (Will), my kids (Kellen is 11 and William is one and a half), and my animals (MeatBall, 6, was found in the middle of the road & FurryCat, 20, was abandoned inside of a pet store).


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