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You Need A Wedding Photographer

Who can help you relax and give you a Wedding Photography Experience!!

Everyone has seen the photographer who dictates and forces and poses and directs. That's so not me. I’m not boring, and I’m definitely not unfriendly.

When you’re getting married, you’re experiencing a once-in-a-lifetime event. And I’m here to make it an experience of a lifetime! When we connect, I send you a Rocheal Bridal Magazine that will literally have you understanding every piece of your wedding day and how I can help you make your wedding just the way you want it. Seeing it all in print will help you in your planning so much! Some people double me as a wedding planner, but that’s cool… I love wedding planning with my brides!!

I believe in laughter... I bring jokes, and I'm not afraid to tell them because I know you photograph best when you're relaxed and happy.
I believe in relationships, so I get to know you! I care about your wedding day, and I really care about your happiness.

You have a unique story to tell. I am so excited to be apart of this event in your lives, and help you make it unforgettable. After all, memories matter, and creating cherished memories of your Wedding Day is my top priority.