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Rocheal Photography Santa Experience


Santa Details:

Will we have the same exact Santa we see in all these photos?

The same one. Y'all... He's AMAZING.

Does Santa have a real beard?

Of course! And breathtaking locks on his head. (You'll be jealous... I know I was the first time I saw him!)

Let's be honest... Please just tell me- Is he a good Santa? Believable?

On a serious note: he's the man. Get ready to be starstruck.


Operational Details:

Can you please explain how this works? From start to finish-- what does this look like?

You sign up for a time slot on my website. (Refer two friends so you can get 25 free Christmas cards from Rocheal!) and then Rocheal sends you a questionnaire about your child(ren). Complete the questionnaire and then show up at your appointment time and enjoy your Christmas experience! In the days following your experience, Rocheal will send you a link to your online gallery in which you can choose your favorite proof photos. Lastly, Rocheal will be in touch with you for your Christmas cards!

Wait... How will Santa know my child so well?? What exactly makes this personalized?

Santa knows your child(ren) because he's SANTA. Another helpful tool he'll have in his naughty or nice book is the Parent Questionnaire you will complete prior to your appointment. You will receive this information in an email.

Where is the Santa Experience?

M.C. Twinklin's 2178 McDaniels Bridge Ct SW, Lilburn, GA 30047 (770) 972-7237

What time is the Santa Experience?

You sign up for your time when you book. When you choose to show up is completely up to you! Rocheal recommends you show up no later than 15 minutes prior to your appointment time.

How many images will I get from my session?

You will receive 5 fully edited high quality digital images in both color and black and white. You will have the option to purchase more favorites from your session.

How much time do we get to spend with Santa?

Each family receives 10 minutes with Santa, which is a SUPER long time! You are free to take full advantage of your time, or you may also choose to leave early. :)

For how many days will you be accepting clients?

You are free to book your appointment as long as spaces are left, but Rocheal encourages you to save your time slot early, especially if you have friends who will be booking too! (That way you can come together!) Booking earlier will give you more time to complete your Parent Questionnaire.

Can I bring my pets?

Santa loves pets, but please note we will be in a very nice Christmas shop. Rocheal encourages and trusts you to use your judgment here.

Can I "walk in" without an appointment?

You can walk in any time, but you will not have an opportunity to take photos with Santa unless you book an appointment.

Will there be activities for my kids to enjoy?

Yes! We will have ornament decorating, a Christmas movie playing, Christmas music for dancing, and perhaps more!

Will there be food? Drinks?

Yes! We will have treats, including hot chocolate (I hear it's the best in town) and cider.

What is the clothing theme this year?

Christmas pajamas and Christmas socks! Messy hair is encouraged for an authentic 'Christmas Morning' feel to your portraits. :)

Booking Details:

How do I book?


How many days will Santa be at M.C. Twinklin's?

Santa will only be there for one day!

How do I get credit for referring my friends?

On the short form your friends complete when they book, there is a space for them to tell Rocheal who referred them. Make sure they use your name!

How do I get free 25 Christmas Cards from Rocheal?

When you refer two friends (as long as they use your name on the form when they book) you automatically get your cards! Rocheal will help you order them after your session. Be on the lookout for this email!

Print Product Details:

How do I order more cards and/or other prints?

After you receive your images from your session, I will send you an email that contains a link to more images from your session. At this link you will have the option to purchase as many favorites as you'd like.

Can I order Christmas Ornaments with photos from my session on them?

Yeah! And coasters and magnets and canvases and metal prints and even a sweet little book if you'd like to start fun new way to document these sweet moments.

What other products can I order?

I can create virtually any print product you'd like, custom or otherwise. I design all my books and albums, and have even worked with clients to design wall art for their home. I work with professional photos labs. My products are professional-grade high quality.


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