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I don’t just take your pictures… I become your friend. Partner in crime, if you will. :) I am here to listen to you and help you achieve exactly what’s in your mind’s eye. Contact me to see for yourself why my clients love me. From start to finish, you have my word: I am here for you.

Contact Rocheal for Your Wedding


Would you believe?

Weddings are my ultimate favorite to photograph. I love brides and grooms and moms and rings! I love the details and the overall beauty of the day. I love the music, the dancing, and the food. I love the love.

What you should know about me: I know that your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime-event. I know you're excited. I know you may be a little scared. I know you might be emotional. 
I was too.
I'm so completely and totally here for you. Whether you're positive you want ME to photograph your wedding, or you're just putting your feelers out there, please send me a note because I would love to connect with you.

See for yourself why my wedding clients love me.