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What forms of payment do you accept?

I accept PayPal, Apple Pay, and Checks.

What's with the nonrefundable 50% retainer?

When you inquire for a shoot, I pencil you in on my calendar for a week so I can contact you before booking someone else. Once you officially book, I pen you in on my calendar and turn everyone else away. That 50% retainer is nonrefundable because I lose clients when I have to turn them away.

What print products do you offer?

I am currently working on a store front so prints will be super easy for you to order. I offer virutally everything you can imagine. Coasters, magnets, buttons, and ornaments... Traditional wall art prints. I also have metal and wood prints too, which bring very unique effects to your images!

Do you travel?

Yes! All travel within 50 miles of the East Metro Atlanta area is included in my packages.

Where do your maternity clients get their gowns?

I have 4 gowns available for my maternity clients to choose from. Additionally, if you rent your own from MamaBumpRentals, I'll give you a 15% discount!

What's the difference between a professional photo lab and a consumer lab?

A lot. Consumer labs are inconsistent with their printing. Sometimes they're complete garbage, and other times they're somewhat acceptable. It's honestly better to use your own photo printer than a consumer lab unless you order from MPix. Professional labs are consistent and have quality control checks as prints leave their doors. I know what I'm getting from my lab-- always-- because my computer monitor is calibrated to their printers and because their quality is top shelf. I'm kind of a photo product snob, and you should be too. You'll appreciate me for this once you see how different the products are.

Do you prefer to shoot portraits? Weddings? Events?

I love people. I love love. I love photographing memories for people. I love it all!

What is your photography style?

I really just love my job. I love capturing raw emotion, and having fun with my clients and their families. As for my editing stlye, I am 'true to life' with a touch of luxury. When I play with light, I tend to still keep it pretty simple and sophisticated.

I can! In short, Copyright belongs to the person who took the photos. Georgia copyright laws are very clear in that photographers (and other artists) own the art they create. Some photographers offer an option for you to purchase a limited copyright release, which would probably allow you to print the photos as you wish. I don't know of a professional photographer (or any artist) who offers an option for clients to purchase full copyright. Simply put, you can likely enjoy viewing and sometimes even printing your own images. You are unlikely able to submit your photos to any contests or use them in any sort of advertising.

Why do I see other photographers with good images on their website, but when they gave me my images, they didn't look so good?

Some photographers will put images from "styled shoots" on their websites and in their portfolios to lure prospective clients. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with photographers participating in or using styled shoots in their portfolio, a photographer must be confident s/he can get advertised results without professional models and ideal settings.

There are so many photographrs!! How do I know if I am investing in a reputable photographer who will deliver images as advertised?

It's sometimes hard to know this just by looking at a website. Most obviously, make sure there is variety in their portfolio. If you see a ton of gorgeous brides with extravagant florals and decor at expensive venues, you're probably looking at a bunch of styled shoots. If you meet with the photographer, ask questions! How long have they been shooting? How many weddings do they do per year? How comfortable are they with off camera flash?

Why do good photographers cost so much?

This is complex. And probably boring. -Business insurance -Powerful machines to handle the workload of editing and storing millions of photos. -Additional (remote) media storage for client images and videos in the event of a hack, fire, or crash... -Education (believe it or not, there is an incredible amount of knowledge between the ears of a professional photographer). -Equipment (curious? I own just over $15,000 worth of equipment). -Business overhead software and photo editing software. (Not cheap). -Oh... Time... (Editing. Takes. TIME) -There's more... I'll spare you. You typically get what you pay for with photographers. And most of the time, memories are once in a lifetime. Clearly if you're taking time to read FAQs, you're choosing carefully, which is great!!



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