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Christmas cards from rocheal

The Santa Experience

Thank You Gift

Details for your Christmas cards

 (Image of cards from my lab)

(Image of cards from my lab)


I Love My Clients!

The biggest and greatest compliment is your referral. I really want to give you some love back- so from me to you, as a sincere thanks, I would like to give you Christmas cards this year!! These are perfect for sending out to your friends and family.


1. Refer two families! (Seriously. That’s it!)

2. When the people you refer book, you get credit. (Make sure they use your name when they book!)

3. You can choose any photos from your Rocheal Photography Santa Experience to put on your cards.

4. Christmas cards not your thing? That's fine. :) How about a $20 gift certificate towards another purchase from my lab? You’re welcome.

5. Thanks for the referrals. Thanks for the support. Thanks for the love!! Thanks for scrolling down this far to read the details! Here’s another gift… Use the code "REFERRAL" for 15% off when you book.
You rock. :)

Here are the restrictions:

1. Hint: refer more than two people for a better chance at getting your free Christmas cards!

2. The limit this year is 25 cards per family. Additional cards can be purchased as needed.