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You’re here, every day of your life, creating history for your family to come. You’re a writer. You’re a creator. You’re the one people will look up to. Your story is important. You’re kind of a big deal!

Moments in your life, such as your wedding, deserve not only be documented, but experienced— and told— as your story. This is your legacy, and it will be passed down for generations to come. You and I will work together before your wedding so I can learn what about this defining day is most important to you, and I’ll spend your wedding day mining for those moments you described to me. Finally, you and I will collaborate on a beautiful heirloom wedding album and / or prints of your favorite memories to display in your home.

“ was so crazy and you were able to pull the beauty out for us to remember all the goodness that was there.”
— Robin (Family Member of the Bride)

Your wedding album is an amazing way for you to tell your story and the prints you’ll display in your home remind you of the magical love you felt on your wedding day. These special and historically important pieces in your home will stand out among the abyss of digital, split-second insta-photos with which we’re all so familiar.

Yes, you will receive digital images from me as well. But your album and printed photos you’ll display in your home will receive so much more of the attention your memories deserve.

“You showed up to total chaos, switching venues with 5 hrs. to go.... no one was where they should have been and we ran late which meant less daylight! You showed no nerves and were kind and just rolled with us. God really went before us on this day with His Grace and I believe He picked you. I’m forever grateful to you dear for blessing us.”
— Sandee (Mother of the Groom)

I am building my wedding portfolio; Spring and Fall, 2019 Wedding Packages start at $950 and $1,500 respectively.