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“She... somehow works like a spell and you find yourself naturally posing for pictures you didn’t know would be happening. It is like her positive energy creates this zone around you, and you are relaxed, laughing, forgetting the world around you... I couldn’t have asked for a more amazing and warm photographer.
— Jessica (Bride)

I am a wife and homeschooling mother to two children (ages 11 years and 1.5 years). As a wife, mother, and teacher, I’ve been acquainted with time. I’m familiar with its relentless, and sometimes disregarding passage. I can recall memories that were once vivid, now dim… Struggling to keep in the light of relevance.

Your life is full of extraordinary moments, and many go unnoticed. You choosing me as your wedding photographer is an honor. If we get the opportunity to work together, I’d like to make you some promises.

  1. I am here for you. You are my focus.

  2. I will send you my Bridal Magazine to help guide you as you plan for your wedding.

  3. I will work to always excerpt the positive in your story. Despite stressful situations that are destined to arrive, I will search for and document joy, happiness, and love.

  4. Let me reiterate: You are my focus on your wedding day. Not a vendor, distracting guest, or anyone else.

  5. Your wedding photography is all about you; not me.

There are many people with nice cameras out there, but there are just a few who are perfect for you. I invite you to dig into my work, explore my website, and reach out to me. I would love to hear about your wedding, get to know you, and see if we would work well together.

“Oh my I can not begin to thank you enough for not only your gorgeous photos but the spirit and attitude you kept all day!! You showed up to totally chaos, switching venues with 5 hrs. to go.... no one was where they should be and we ran late which meant less daylight! You showed no nerves and were kind and just rolled with us. God really went before us on this day with His Grace and I believe He picked you. I’m forever grateful to you dear for blessing us.”
— Sandee (Mother of the Bride)
“I love how you captured personalties as though you have known us forever! Thanks again for capturing the memories we didnt even know we were making! was so crazy and you were able to pull the beauty out for us to remember all the goodness that was there. You could be an honorary Clark given the way you rolled with it.”
— Robin (Family Member of the Bride)

A Few Kind Words