I want your photos to be flawless, and I want your day to be peaceful and full of love. As you know, my style is journalistic. I would like to be unobtrusive and ready to capture your special moments. Here are some suggestions for you:

Avoid glossy lipstick and consider foundation or powder that will reduce your chance of having a shiny face. Please note that mineral makeup can cause unflattering effects with flash and natural light because they have little elements in them that reflect light.

Please note that any guests, family, and friends not involved in the formal family portraits should proceed to the cocktail hour. The more people around, the longer it takes to complete the formal portraits.

Be kind to ensure the presence of all family members required for photos. Plan for about 5 minutes per photo for shots fewer than 10 people, and about 10 minutes per photo for shots with more than 10 people. It always takes time to gather people and pose them so that everyone can be seen, etc. Please inform people before the wedding day that they are wanted for formal portraits, and where they should wait after the ceremony.
Please note that during the formal portrait session, no other cameras or camera phones are allowed. Additional cameras distract people in the images so they are not looking at the photographer's camera. Additionally, flashes from other cameras easily unbalance our lighting, which can negatively affect your photos. An easy way to explain this to guests is to display a sign similar to this

In order to allow for an intimate photo session with the bride and groom, I need at least 45 minutes with just the two of you. It is likely that my assistant will be there, however everyone else should proceed to the cocktail hour. Please tell your wedding planner (or a bossy friend!) in advance so everyone knows what to do.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire. Your responses are important to me, as I want you to be absolutely obsessed with your wedding photos! 

Note: If you prefer to complete this form via paper/pencil and email or snail mail the completed form, please contact me so I can send you a PDF version.


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  • Some couples are interested in a First Look session just before their ceremony. This is a special time, prior to the ceremony, in which the bride and groom see each other. This unique moment allows for fantastic images with special emotions, as we're able to capture the groom's face the moment he sees his new bride. Additionally, the First Look session allows the photographer time before the ceremony to take intimate images of the bride and groom together, which saves time after the ceremony, providing the bride and groom an opportunity to attend the cocktail hour. For these reasons, some couples prefer to do a First Look session. Some couples choose not to do a First Look session because it is nontraditional. Traditionally, the bride and groom do not see each other until they meet at the ceremony. Whether or not we do a First Look session is completely up to you!

  • No, I am not interested in a First Look session Yes, I am interested in a First Look session I have questions regarding the First Look session...
  • What is the approximate schedule of events? (If item is not planned, please mark with an "x")

  • While the following images are typically covered in wedding coverage, please check the items that are ESPECIALLY important to you. (*Second shooter required for these images)

  • Bride's Gown and Shoes Candid shots of the Bride and her maids getting ready Bride heading to ceremony site Best Man with Rings* Candid shots of the Groom and groomsmen getting ready* Groom heading to ceremony site* Candid shots of the Bride and her maids getting ready

  • Exterior and interior of ceremony site Guests arriving* Bridal Party arriving Bride and father (or escort) just before walking down the aisle* Musicians performing Processional and Recessional Bride and father (or escort) walking down the aisle Groom reacting to bride walking down the aisle Father giving bride away Wide shot of the altar/chuppa Bride and Groom reciting their vows Bride and Groom exchanging rings The couple's first kiss Receiving line Bride and Groom in their gat-a-way car

  • Bride and Groom, each alone Bride and Groom together Bride and Groom with wedding party Bride with her family Groom with her family Bride and Groom with Bride's family Bride and Groom with Groom's family Both families together Bride with her mother Groom with his mother Flower girls and ring bearers with Bride and Groom

  • Exterior and interior shots of reception site Table settings Menus and Table cards Guests signing the book/frame Wedding Party entrance Bride and Groom going from table to table talking to guests Photographs of guests casually dancing Bride and Groom casually posed with guests Toasts Prayer before meal Cake Cutting Bouquet Toss Garter Toss Bride and Groom Exit line

  • Yes (explain below) No
  • Pre-event contact between the vendors can assist in capturing your event flawlessly. Please list the names of any planners and vendors below so that I can contact them to discuss any information that will allow your coverage to go smoothly and flawlessly. Vendors may include: Planner, Videographer, DJ/Band, Florist, Cake Maker, etc.

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