About Me

So they say I'm supposed to keep this short, but that'll be difficult. Not because I like talking about myself, but because I'd like to tell you all the reasons I'm thankful you're on my webpage looking at my work. When you choose me as your photographer to capture the moments in your life, I am honored. And I cherish the opportunity.

My goal as your photographer is to capture the candid moments you might've missed, as well as the precious moments you'd like to hold on to forever. If you're here to admire my work, please drop me a line to tell me what you think. If you're here with intentions of finding a photographer to hire, please allow me a moment to thank you for dropping by and encourage you to contact me. I'd absolutely love to hear from you!



My Approach



I like to walk up unexpectedly and shoot people (such as in this case). I see things that are beautiful and I cannot help myself. So far no one has minded. I truly love details, and I especially love being asked to document them. It is flattering... on some kind of level I cannot describe... when someone chooses me as their photographer. I strive every day to enjoy the little moments in life and my photography reminds me that there's no such thing as ordinary when there are moments to enjoy. My approach is simple, really... I record the beautiful moments in your life, and deliver them back to you; reminding you how amazing life is.




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