Not everyone has inborn modeling skills, but the good news is you're in love! Relax. That in itself is seriously all you need. When you are with your fiance', your beauty-- and love for each other-- shines. Whether you've been dreaming of your photography shoot, or simply cannot stand being in front of the camera, I can help you!


Location, location, location!
Do you have a location in mind? If so, begin searching Google for photos taken there. For example, if your session will be at Vines Park in Loganville, search "Vines Loganville Engagement". If you're familiar with your location, let me know about the grounds. I am always searching for beautiful places to shoot! For example, do you know of any hidden gems on the property? Interesting textures?


Begin searching Google and Pinterest for engagement photos, but don't go crazy. Pin the ones you love, and print a couple handfuls... (Print no more than 20) Sit down with your fiance' and narrow the selection down to about 10 photos. When we talk about what your vision is for this shoot, telling me why you like each photo will help! For example, if I'd chosen the photo above I would say this is one of my favorites because I love their smiles. Explaining your thoughts to me will help me understand your style, and help me accomplish the mood you're envisioning.

Finally, we will sit down together (over coffee or the Internet) and discuss your favorite photos. We'll take this time to get to know each other and figure out our styles and goals for the shoot!


Timing is everything...
You've heard the phrase, and it is never more true than when it pertains to photography. Since my camera's brain isn't as sophisticated as your human brain, the quality of your photos greatly depends on the type of lighting available. Unless there's a heavy overcast (which makes for fantastic lighting!!) the midday sun brings direct light and unflattering shadows. The best time of day to take pictures is about an hour after sunrise and about 1.5 hours before sunset.

It's important to note if the day has a heavy overcast, we'll have to be flexible with our timing, as 1.5 hours before sunset may be too dark. Typically when there is a heavy overcast, we will need to shoot at least 2 hours before sunset.


Quality over quantity!
Please, please, please remember: when you're scouting Pinterest for your favorite photos and have narrowed down your favorite 93 poses (hehe!) keep in mind these photographs are from different sessions, different locations, and different days. Unless the photography gods descend upon us, we're not going to get 93 absolutely breathtakingly gorgeous poses in front of awe-inspiring sunsets. You're one couple. I'm one photographer. We're in one session at one location. And we're humans! While it is indeed my goal to blow your mind, I'm not magic. And I'm still learning! Let's be realistic and work together. I'd like to give you your favorite photos of all time, so let's have fun while we do that.


Pictures-- getting ready for them and taking them can be stressful. Keep a sense of humor. Very rarely does a fantastic session happen with robotic people. Laugh! Have fun with your partner. Enjoy each other. Sometimes the absolute best shots are the unplanned ones... seriously! You only get to do this once. Take a breath and live in the moment.


Don't let these photos sit on your computer. Please display them in your home. I have everything from Holiday ornaments to metal prints (omg these look amazing!) to canvases and other traditional prints. I have photo boxes, photo books, photo albums, and cards. I can have absolutely anything made for you, and my professional lab prices are super reasonable!

Please don't use Shutterfly or other consumer-based printing companies. (Ask me about my clients' experience with this very company!)

You can rest assured the prints you order from me will be beautiful because my computer screen settings have been calibrated with my photo lab's printers.


Don't forget to stay in touch and let me know if you have questions.



With love,