The Cake Smash Experience! 


Notice how I didn't say, 'Cake Smash Session'? It's totally a Cake Smash experience. All babies are different; some cry, some laugh, and some just sit there and stare. (I haven't had one run away yet, but it's bound to happen!) Keep an open mind and have little expectations. Lightheartedness and humor are helpful. Whether your baby digs in and smears sugary goodness all over her face or whether she sits there and cries, try to enjoy it! Smile. Take a breath. It's all about the baby, right? We're just here to snap photos that capture her authentic reaction to this strange situation we've all decided to put her in.


Outfit coordination:

Your baby's outfit is key. Suspenders are in for boys right now, and they're also super cute without shirts. Overalls are always cute.
Tutus and ruffled rompers are in for girls, and they pair so adorably with girly cakes!

Etsy has some cute ideas for outfits!

As a general rule, I like to tell people to shy away from anything busy. Words, lettering, and pictures on shirts are very distracting. Simple is best!

If you're having a rough time coordinating an outfit, text me! We'll figure it out together. 



Do you have a place in mind where you'd like to shoot the Cake Smash? Public parks are typically a hit, especially if there are various options. For example, Vines Botanical Gardens in Loganville is beautiful, which means we may also get some super cute family photos before the smash. One drawback of a park is we're dealing with the weather. If we need to shoot inside, we can talk about meeting at your home or we can shoot in my studio. Studio space is an additional fee.


Preparing baby for the experience:

Have your child practice on a mini cupcake with similar ingredients to get him used to the flavor, smells, and texture. Bonus points if you let him taste this mini cupcake outside on the grass, or even on a blanket. If your baby is exposed to these things before they happen on the day of the shoot, he's less likely to be stressed and is more likely to explore.


The Cake:

This probably goes without saying, but I still think it's worth mentioning: Make sure your baby doesn't have any food allergies to the ingredients in the cake. As you're thinking about colors, consider our location. If we will be outside, remember that green blends in with the scenery while blue really pops. They say blue stains worse than any other color, but my thinking is: Who Cares?! This is a one time experience, and I think we should make the most of it. Face it: The color blue pops! It's gorgeous in images, and pairs so wonderfully with green. (Seriously! On a psychological level.) The color red really reflects unflattering light on skin, and also stains. If you were thinking about doing red, perhaps you could consider orange or pink.




As you prepare for your shoot, we will be in touch. My goal as your photographer is to capture special moments in your life, so it's very important to me that you are relaxed during our session, and absolutely thrilled afterwards.

I cannot wait to see you! Cake smashes are the best.